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Butterfly Kisses (1970)

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We follow Jake and his two best friends through a world distorted by sex and porn. They all have their own demons, but Jake's secret is one that he can't tell anyone.

Ira (1970)

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Ira (1970)

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Richie (1970)

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A journalist sets out to uncover the truth behind an incident, through the perspectives of different people, unraveling how they and their lives are intertwined with it.

You, Me and Him (1970)

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In You, Me and Him we meet lesbian couple Olivia and Alex (Lucy Punch, Faye Marsay) who, despite their age difference...

Christmas Next Door (1970)

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Eric Randall, a famous Author who writes about how to stay a bachelor is forced to look after his niece and nephew over the holidays and with the help of his Christmas loving neighbor, April, he learns to find love and Christmas spirit.

Amanda Jack Go Glamping (1970)

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With his marriage and career against the ropes, dejected author Jack Spencer travels with his wife, Amanda...

Fonotune: An Electric Fairytale (1970)

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Outside of time, a teen hooker, lo-fi cowboy and mute drifter cross a white desert to experience the final gig of their mysterious rockstar hero.

Nithyaharitha Nayakan (Malayalam) (1970)

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Nithyaharitha Nayakan Malayalam Movie - Catch up latest news about Nithyaharitha Nayakan Malayalam movie, story, reviews, release date, photos, wiki, cast ...

To All the Boys I've Loved Before (1970)

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By day, the Duncan's are an upstanding family who run a thriving exotic car dealership in New York. By night, they live a dangerous secret life. When they come under siege the Duncan's will have to stick together or die separately.

Pearl (1970)

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This hilarious documentary chronicles the life of Pearl, a morbidly obese puggle and her owners. Through in depth interviews and real home footage, this film subtly shines a light on the rising epidemic of canine obesity.

Hitler Lives! (1970)

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'HITLER LIVES!' sets the stage with the escape of Hitler to Antarctica after the end of WWII, however...

Stegman Is Dead (1970)

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Meet Stegman. He's dead. In this crime comedy, bizarre assassins must come together to unravel the puzzle of Stegman's blackmail secret, and why he's already dead on the set of his own porn...

Daughter of God (1970)

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Daughter of God

Finding Fatimah (1970)

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Finding Fatimah

Banned, Exploited & Blacklisted: The Underground Work of Controversial Filmmaker Shane Ryan (1970)

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Banned, Exploited & Blacklisted: The Underground Work of Controversial Filmmaker Shane Ryan

Fixed (1970)

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Allan is a married father of three whose sex life takes another hit when his wife can no longer take the pill...

Only Now Existing's Escape Artist (1970)

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A socially and politically frustrated young man with a troubled past vents his frustrations through...

Like Me (1970)

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A reckless loner, desperate for human connection, sets out on a crime spree that she broadcasts on social media. Her reality quickly splinters into a surreal nightmare that escalates out of control and all in time for Christmas.

Reckoning (1970)

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Danielle Doetsch,Ricardo Thurmond,Shellilynn,Dave Juehring,Travis Legge,

66 & Nowhere (1970)

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On the run from the Chicago Mob, a down on his luck trumpet player hitchhiking to Hollywood falls into murder, money and mayhem with a mysterious femme fatale.

Vilaria (1970)

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Vilaria is an all-round extremely powerful superhero in training. News of her strength and abilities have reached far and wide...

Bear Creek (1970)

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A pack of friends in Denver's gay bear community go for the camping trip of a life time filled with fun, laughs and a hot encounter. It all seems innocent enough until a rampaging sociopath joins them ensuring a trip they'll never forget.

Vazante (1970)

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Brazil 1821. Upon his return to the imposing farmhouse, Antonio, a rich cattle herder, finds out that his wife dies in labor...